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Kids Cooking Class: Father's Day Layer Cake (ages 8-11)

Jun 17, 2017 | 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Class Cost: $20.00 per person

Location: Adams Circle (Omaha)

Kids Cooking Class-Chocolate Layer Cake
[AGES 8-11 ONLY]

This cooking class is a hands-on fun experience for kids, ages 8-11.

Parents are welcome to stay and attend as observers at no extra charge.

Father’s Day Double Chocolate Layer Cake!

  • Kids will be learning how to make this amazing homemade dessert.
  • AND, each chef will be taking home a generous slice–all boxed up–ready to give to their dad as a sweet Father’s Day gift.

Allergy Alert: Gluten, Dairy (We also have a dog in the house, though he may not be around during the class.)

What Will Kids Learn?

  • How to prepare the above food, using various kitchen appliances/tools
  • The importance of putting good foods into their bodies
  • How to recognize a nutrient-dense food from a “junk” food
  • How to try and taste new things
  • Basic kitchen skills and kitchen safety, as appropriate

What Will Kids Be Doing?

Learning, Tasting, Trying, Cooking, Having Fun…It’s easier for me to show you. 🙂  This video is from one of our Healthy Snacks Classes.

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