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Bonnie HersheyHi. I’m Bonnie Hershey.

I am a practical nutrition advisor, family health coach, and a mom to three amazing and active kids.

After fourteen years of marriage and eleven years of parenting, I completely understand the challenge of juggling all the different responsibilities that come with parenthood and being a work-at-home mom. My husband, Brian, and I are still in the thick of it, and there are many days where we count down the hours to bedtime.

You know what I mean?

At the same time, we also cherish those precious “first” memories: the loss of the first tooth, the first step, the first roller coaster, etc. It is so fun to re-experience life through our kids!

I personally enjoy staying active, laughing with friends, working in my yard, and sitting in quaint coffee shops sipping an excellent cappuccino (decaf, of course). *wink*

What I Believe About Health & Nutrition

Hershey Family 2015

Hershey Family

I believe one of the greatest experiences we can give to our kids can also be the most challenging–living a life of optimal health.

Today’s fast-paced culture makes it harder to bring good nutrition to the table than ever before.

I believe the only way to change the current cultural trends in our health is through education, support, and personal coaching.
When more families discover how powerful a few simple changes can be, we can turn the tide for the health of our kids.

I desire to help parents who are looking to make significant changes in the health of their kids. Parents who are sick and tired of having kids who are sick and tired.

The focus of our site is to raise awareness for the nutritional needs of kids and to provide valuable support for families in the areas of:

  • All-natural disease and obesity prevention
  • Nutritional healing through targeted nutritional programs
  • Healthy eating and cooking

Click Here to learn more about our story and the services we offer to families.

My Training & Education

I am a Certified Practical Nutrition Advisor by the Northwest Academy of Practical Nutrition.  This certification comprises over 50 hours of coursework and lecture in the philosophy and science of using nutritional products to include: The history of nutrition, Applied Nutrition, Benefits of Nutrition, Antioxidants, Heart Health & Aging, Energy and Calorie Regulation, Immunity and Natural Defenses, Stress without Distress, Healthy Mind, and Detoxification.  (Instructor: Dr. Richard Brouse, MA, DC, DACBN, CCN)

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education from Lee University where I also received a scholarship to play intercollegiate tennis for three years.  Excellence in nutrition, physical training, relationships and study were drilled into me my by coaches and teachers over those years.