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Take The Next Key Step Toward Optimal Health,
Uncover Foundational Health Issues,
And Get Targeted Feedback To Your Inbox.

Adult Symptom Assessment–When You Want To Improve Your Own Health Too!

symptom assessment screen shotOur adult symptom assessment gives you an immediate online tool where you can discover your major nutritional needs and/or deficiencies.

You check off your symptoms.

We plug the answers into our computer system.

You receive an easy-to-read report to your inbox. Simple.

Symptom Assessment exampleEach person’s body has different nutritional needs. Each person’s daily diet, environment, and activity level also vary. Where one person may be deficient in a certain nutrient, another may have more than enough. We can help you determine the nutritional needs specific to you and your health symptoms.

A Personalized Video Overview of Your Results

In addition to the PDF report, I will also produce a short video that will help to explain your assessment.  So, when you receive your results, you will also get a personal video response from me, helping you understand what those results mean.  I will share any personal recommendations that will help you see the results you want faster!

How Will This Benefit You?

  • Provides you with recommended nutrients
  • Gives you understanding as to how those nutrients will help your body
  • Reveals what is going on ‘underneath the surface’ of your symptoms


“YES! I want the Adult Symptom Assessment.”

Secure payment via PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Adult Symptom Assessment

Step 1: Fill Out The Online Assessment

  • Purchase the Assessment here via PayPal or Major Credit Card.
  • Receive the link and password to the online assessment form.
  • Check off your symptoms and submit the form.
symptom assessment online form

Symptom Assessment Online Form

Adult Symptom Assessment results example


Step 2: Receive Personalized Feedback–A PDF Report & Video Overview

  • Pinpoint specific nutrients that your body needs for better health.
  • Understand how those nutrients will help your body.
  • Discover what is going on ‘underneath the surface’ of your symptoms.
  • Save TONS of time and money from having to try less-effective alternatives.

Step 3: Schedule Your FREE Health Coaching Call ($49.97 Value!)

For those who purchase the symptom assessment, you also receive the option of scheduling a live call with me at NO EXTRA CHARGE. That is a $49.97 value! So in addition to all the other benefits above, you get a live 40-minute call with me.

This free call is only available to you within 30 days of your purchase. Health symptoms can fluctuate and change over time. Therefore it is most beneficial for you to schedule this call as close to your symptom assessment as possible, so that all the information is current. AND it allows you to get the help you need right away…and not 6 months from now.

“YES! I want the Adult Symptom Assessment.”

Secure payment via PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!


Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you have an assessment specifically for kids as well?”

YES! We actually have one of the only online Kids Symptom Assessment that is out there! You can find it here: Kids Symptom Assessment

“How will this benefit me if I already feel pretty good?”

I believe one of our members said it best: “Sometimes we get into a comfortable nutritional regimen and forget that we can take another step toward better health. It is always good to reassess and see if there are areas that can be improved.” (Rachel B, Florida) It is possible that we become comfortable with feeling a certain way and don’t realize that we can actually feel better!

What if I just want a prevention and immune-boosting program for myself?

We always encourage people to start with the symptom assessment regardless of their goal. It can be easy to overlook certain symptoms and define them as “normal behavior” when they may indeed be pointing to something else. We believe in helping families toward optimal health, not just picking and choosing certain areas to target. If there are other things going on that you may not be aware of, then it would be really good to know before starting any type of nutritional program.

“Do you offer any type of follow-up coaching?”

Most definitely. For those people who receive the results of their assessment and desire to get personal coaching on how to implement a program, we do offer personal one-on-one health coaching. (Remember, your first call is absolutely FREE for a limited time!) We realize some folks like to explore things on their own and feel adequate in doing so. Others, though, like to have someone familiar with the process to guide them, provide feedback, answer questions, and give extra support and encouragement.

“Can I fill out more than one if I have a spouse that could also benefit?”

Yes. However, we do require payment for each assessment that you submit. Upon checkout, you can change the quantity if you desire to do more than one.


“Taking the questionnaire helped me pinpoint some health areas that had been bothering me in the back of my mind. The direct questions helped me bring those to the front of my mind where I could focus on finding solutions.”

~Rachel B. (Alabama, USA)

“Thank you for your guidance when it comes to my health. I have felt so much better since I have started with your products. I have found a good place and balance and that means so much to me.”

~Deb, marine wife & mom  (North Carolina, USA)

 “I would encourage anyone to take the questionnaire because it helps weed out what might need to be worked on health-wise, and also allow for a person to look at themselves more intentionally.”

~Mandy R. (APO/AE, Germany)