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Are Antibiotics for Acne Necessary?

   I totally understand why parents would want to turn to antibiotics for acne. There are a lot of things to like about prescription antibiotics. 

  • They tend to work quickly.
  • They tend to be pretty complete.
  • The cost for these can be covered by your health care plan.
  • They make your teen happy because their acne is gone.

So I get it, I understand that It can be a quick fix. (I have two teenage daughters myself.)

However i know in the long run, antibiotics are designed to have certain side effects on your system.  Side effects are just part of the medicine package. 

Antibiotics for Acne? Yes or No?

Teens who are on antibiotics for acne long term develop other issues that may seem unrelated. Certain health symptoms are the result of a gut-health imbalance created by the antibiotics. These symptoms can include digestive problems, focus issues, a weakened immune system, and maybe even emotional issues.  (Many emotional issues are being tied now to our gut health.)

 So there are other health issues that can surface with long term antibiotic use.  I believe there are many effective nutritional approaches out there that can alleviate acne AND help build into your child’s health at the same time. Finding an effective nutritional program can take some trial and error. And this is where most people turn to the quick-fix of medicine. But is it not worth trying those approaches first before having to resort to a medicine that’s going to have side effects?

I am always an advocate of finding a nutritional solution to common health problems, and acne is no different.  My daughters have had some flare ups too that have seem prolonged, but we are not punting to antibiotics. We are actually using a natural antibiotic as part of our nutritional approach. This is actually benefiting our kids, and its helping to build into their long-term health.  

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