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no fear and COVID clear

It was eerily quiet.  No music pouring through the huge flat screen TVs. No kids running around parents’ shopping carts. Even the number of patrons was carefully monitored by the masked gatekeepers. All that could be heard was the shuffle of shoes on the concrete isles of Costco.  Everyone kept their safe six-feet distance, and… Read More

prevent breast cancer

Two Dietary Changes to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

There are two dietary improvements that we can be doing now to help our daughters prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer is affecting so many women today–so many more than 20, 30, or 40 years ago. It’s a really, really sad epidemic that has hit our nation, but there are proven dietary changes that can help… Read More

protecting our kids from food technology

Protecting Your Kids From The Latest Advances in Food Technology

Alas, a new food technology has come on the scene and is awakening the debate about GMO’s. No surprise there. The newest advance has to do with improvements in global food transport and lengthening the shelf life of produce. Fresh fruits and veggies can now have a longer shelf life due to a special coating… Read More

The Low Birth Weight Force Multiplier

Here you are, a young mom expecting your first baby. You’re excited and eager to meet this little person growing inside of you. You may even be trying to adjust your lifestyle to be a bit healthier than normal. Or you may be puking your guts out, trying to keep any amount of food down… Read More

Breastfeeding baby

Long-term Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

The health benefits of breastfeeding for both a mother and her baby are so significant that they make breastfeeding one of the most powerful preventative measures you can take for your child’s health.  Though some benefits of breastfeeding are noticeable while a baby is being breastfed (such as lower rates of otitis media in baby… Read More

Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets

Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets | November 5, 2013

In The Kids Nutrition Spotlight This Week: Article Boasts: “Flu Can Be Fatal, Even For Healthy Kids” New Way To Quickly Detect Large-Scale Nutrient Deficiencies? How To Inspire & Encourage Your Kids To Cook Recipe: A Tasty Fall Detox Soup For The Whole Family Recipe: Homemade No-Bake Granola Bars There is a slew of information… Read More

Do i need vitamins

Do I Need Vitamins? Does My Child Need Vitamins?

Many believe a healthy diet is all that’s needed for optimal health.  Just the other day I heard a parent say, “Do I need vitamins? I don’t think so because we eat healthy.” Does that sound familiar? But do you realize that even those with healthy diets still struggle to get all the nutrients their… Read More

How Is Your Child’s Gut Health?

This is probably not a question that you’ve ever been asked before.  However, the answer to that single question affects greater than 60% of your child’s immune response.  That’s a crazy-big number, isn’t it? So, if you enjoy your child feeling great and healthy, then this is worth giving some serious thought. Defining a Healthy… Read More

flu vaccine

Is The Flu Shot Really The Best Defense?

Flu season has been rough this year, but it is far from over, so says many of the mainstream news outlets.  FoxNews recently said on their morning show that though they know that the flu shot is not 100% prevention, it still remains “the best defense.” Is that really true?  Is the flu shot really… Read More

Tips to Keep Away Post-Halloween Sicknesses

Have you ever noticed a cycle or pattern with your child’s sicknesses?  That they come down sick at certain times or after certain events, foods, etc?  It’s a good thing to watch for, as it can help you change this pattern through some intentional prevention. We have noticed a pattern with our own kids–that when… Read More