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Overweight Kids

Dos and Donts of Dieting with kids

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dieting With Kids

With so many children today struggling with their weight, more parents are looking for ways to help them. And that is a wonderful trend.  However, when it comes to dieting with kids, we can enable either success or utter failure depending on how we approach it. This listing of Do’s And Don’ts will help you… Read More

obesity in america

The State Of Obesity In America, An Executive Brief

Background Since 1980 obesity rates among adults, children, and adolescents have steadily risen to the point that the problem has now reached epidemic proportions. The ramifications of this epidemic are widespread and far-reaching. This executive brief summarizes the causes, trends, effects, implications, and possible solutions of obesity in America. By way of background information, the… Read More

childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Co-Authored by Brian & Bonnie Hershey The Chicago Tribune recently published the results of a study that sought to identify potential risk factors contributing to childhood obesity.  (See article here.) Andrew M. Seaman reports how researchers analyzed such factors as gender, school lunch programs, and screen time.  The goal of the project was to develop… Read More

Screen time for kids

Tips For Reducing Screen Time To Help Overweight Kids

Screen time.  Sixty years ago, the concept of  ‘screen time’ was unheard of.  Why?  Because the only screen people had to watch was their back door and at the movies. Then “the screen” quickly moved into our homes with the introduction of the TV.  Today it goes everywhere we do: our cars, purses, briefcases, airplane… Read More