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Nutritional Healing

stress relief and the single product that saved our year

Stress Relief And The Single Product That Saved Our Year

STRESS. On the positive side, stress can help you accomplish amazing things or meet important deadlines. Leap tall buildings in a single bound…almost. But too much of it, and we begin to feel overwhelmed…agitated…and frustrated. We’ve all been on both sides of it. But what do you do when you feel over-stressed? What is your… Read More

Nuclear blast and your child's health

Your Child’s Health, Nuclear Blasts, And B-B Guns

I hope the title of this post gets your attention, because how you approach your child’s health really does matter. And for those families looking to change the direction of your child’s health–this post could make all the difference for you. How Do You Approach Your Child’s Health? So what does your child’s health have… Read More

Dos and Donts of Dieting with kids

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dieting With Kids

With so many children today struggling with their weight, more parents are looking for ways to help them. And that is a wonderful trend.  However, when it comes to dieting with kids, we can enable either success or utter failure depending on how we approach it. This listing of Do’s And Don’ts will help you… Read More

Stories of healing for kids with severe eczema

Kids With Severe Eczema: Stories of Hope And Healing

Eczema, at its core, is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. It can take various forms in each child and can even be caused by a variety of things–allergies, yeast overgrowth issues, etc. Kids with severe eczema often struggle with excessive itching, even to the point of bleeding. In the medical industry, many doctors will… Read More

antibiotics in kids

Pros And Cons of Antibiotics In Kids

The use of antibiotics in kids has become a commonplace practice in American culture.  Our fast-paced, drive-through society loves the quick fix when our kids aren’t feeling well.  “Doc, can you just give me an antibiotic?”  There are certainly those moments in motherhood when prescription antibiotics are needed and most welcome.   (I had one… Read More

obesity in america

The State Of Obesity In America, An Executive Brief

Background Since 1980 obesity rates among adults, children, and adolescents have steadily risen to the point that the problem has now reached epidemic proportions. The ramifications of this epidemic are widespread and far-reaching. This executive brief summarizes the causes, trends, effects, implications, and possible solutions of obesity in America. By way of background information, the… Read More

Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets

Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets | November 5, 2013

In The Kids Nutrition Spotlight This Week: Article Boasts: “Flu Can Be Fatal, Even For Healthy Kids” New Way To Quickly Detect Large-Scale Nutrient Deficiencies? How To Inspire & Encourage Your Kids To Cook Recipe: A Tasty Fall Detox Soup For The Whole Family Recipe: Homemade No-Bake Granola Bars There is a slew of information… Read More

childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Co-Authored by Brian & Bonnie Hershey The Chicago Tribune recently published the results of a study that sought to identify potential risk factors contributing to childhood obesity.  (See article here.) Andrew M. Seaman reports how researchers analyzed such factors as gender, school lunch programs, and screen time.  The goal of the project was to develop… Read More

Kids with ADD

Kids With ADD: Stories Of Healing And Hope

In America today, there are three million kids with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) who are taking stimulant drugs for treatment.  This is a 2,000% increase in ADD drug use in the last 30 years.[1. Sroufe, L. Alan, “Ritalin Gone Wrong”, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/29/opinion/sunday/childrens-add-drugs-dont-work-long-term.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0  (accessed July 25, 2012).]  Wow! L. Alan Sroufe, a psychologist who has been studying the… Read More

Strep throat

How We Beat Strep Throat With Nutrition

So, last Friday night, our 6-year-old mentioned her throat was a little sore.  I certainly was not thinking that she might be coming down with strep throat.  She was still her normal bubbly self otherwise, so I think I forgot about it by the time she went to bed.  (Easy to do when you have… Read More