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Travel With Kids

Healthy Eating Tips From The Germans

We lived in southern Germany for four years–the state of Bavaria. This was really our first introduction to European culture and food, and there are many healthy eating tips to learn from the Germans. Buy Fresh Grainy Breads. One thing we grew to love was going to the market or bakery (bäckerei) each morning for… Read More

Healthy Eating Tips From The Italian Front

We had the amazing adventure of living in southern Italy for 3 years. Two of our children were born there and so was our passion for nutrition education. It is no wonder to me why Italy ranks near the top in life expectancy worldwide. They have a contagious zeal for stress-free living and a much-envied… Read More

mom and daughter on italian steps

How To Travel With Kids & Keep Them Healthy

Travel is tiring. Travel with kids is stressful and tiring. Travel with sick kids is downright miserable. Thankfully, the third scenario is actually preventable. With a little preparation, we can easily travel with healthy kids and avoid unexpected illnesses. Before You Leave Keeping kids healthy on the road or in the air ultimately starts before… Read More