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How To Put Everything Together, Meet Your Child’s Needs, And Walk Forward With A Clear Plan That Fits Your Budget

Health Coaching Call
“YES! I Want To Schedule My 40-Min Health-Coaching Call.”

The Benefits of Personal Health Coaching

  • Liberate your kids from prescription medications
  • Mom-to-mom encouragement and peace of mind
  • Eliminate the trial-and-error on finding the right nutritional program
  • Receive specific guidance as to what your child’s program needs to look like to see results
  • Gain the benefit from nearly 10 years of experience in nutritional healing
  • Save time and money by cutting down your trial and error

Health CoachingDuring our call together, I go over the Kids Symptom Assessment results and take time to understand your needs.

I also share with you the nutritional products that we use with our family and how they can produce powerful clinically-proven results.

Your health coaching call in no way obligates you to use our suggested program or nutritional approach. The choice is always up to you.  But I believe that you will like what you hear.

A Free Bonus: Exclusive Health Media Website Access

Along with the coaching call, you will be given full access to our information-packed health media website.  This is the raw proof that our system works! You’ll discover online audio presentations by health & medical professionals on a wide variety of natural-health topics, including:

  • Natural Solutions for Asthma & Allergies,
  • Prenatal care & Growing Healthy Babies,
  • Cancer: Preventing, Surviving & Thriving,
  • Sports Nutrition,
  • and SO MUCH more!

Our Proven Nutrition Philosophy

We believe that the human body has remarkable power to heal itself when given the right nutrients in the right amounts. Published, human clinical studies and personal experience guide the programs we suggest for families. We do not follow hype or the latest nutritional fad.

We believe that our dietary goal should always be to consume foods as natural as possible. This belief also carries over to the nutritional products that we have used over the last 16 years and that we use with our clients with great success.

Our Business Philosophy–You Make the Choice

Hershey FamilyWe believe in providing excellent customer service, accurate information and full disclosure.  You will never be pressured to purchase or participate in anything that you are not comfortable with.  As long as you have unanswered questions, we commit to sticking with you until you get the answers you’re looking for.

We never go outside our bounds of expertise.  If your health situation goes beyond our personal research and/or experience or if we are just plain stumped on how to direct you, we easily refer you to one of our trusted nutritionists or doctors who can continue to guide you in the same natural nutrition path.  As always, the choice is yours as to how far you go with the nutritional approach to your family’s health.

“YES! I Want To Schedule My 40-Min Health-Coaching Call.”


Family Testimonies

“You have gone over and above to make help for David (age 9) and Georgie (age 2) possible!”

~Rachel, homeschool mom of six (Texas, USA)

“Thank you for your guidance when it comes to my health. I have felt so much better since I have started with your products. I have found a good place and balance and that means so much to me.”

~Deb, marine wife & mom  (North Carolina, USA)

 “Thanks so much for introducing me to this alternative. It makes me feel good to have our son off medication. Thank you!!”

~Sue, mom of four (Pennsylvania, USA)