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Healthy Snack Recipes and Ideas For Kids

Although it’s healthier to limit snacking for kids, the reality is that kids today snack more often than they used to.[1] Not only are they snacking more, the type of snacks are nothing that your pediatrician would cheer about. According to a 2009 survey, 88% of American kids are consuming snacks that are high in calories and low in nutrients–cookies, chips, muffins, etc.[2]

So, if your kids must have a nibble in between meals, healthy snack recipes and ideas will help your kids get some added nutrients throughout the day. Having healthy snacks in your home or on-the-go (when my kids do most of their snacking) only requires a little bit of forward planning.

healthy snack basket

In addition to making some of our own snacks, we also have a snack basket in our pantry with some healthier choices that our kids can grab-and-go. This comes in handy if we have to run out the door at the last minute, and I need something to take along.

Remember, you are your child’s best role model in the eating arena. If you are providing a healthy snack option for your kids, let them watch you eat it too!


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2. Briefel R, Wilson A, Gleason P. Consumption of low-nutrient, energy-dense foods and beverages at school, home, and other Locations among school lunch participants and non-participants JADA 2009;109:S79-S90.

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