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Kids Multivitamin Comparison

Finding a natural, well-balanced–and safe–kids multivitamin/multinutrient can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Every store with vitamins carries at least a handful of different options, making various claims about each one.

I recently found a great kids multivitamin comparison.  It compares some of the leading/common brands out there with the one that we have found to be the most natural and effective for kids.  So, you can at least take this and compare it with the one that you may have in your home.

Be sure to click on the link to read the full version with the annotations at the bottom.  These help to explain some of the important differences with the Biotin, Lactoferin, and synthetic chemicals, and why they matter to your child’s health.

Click Here to View Full PDF with Annotations

Childrens Vitamin Comparison Chart

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