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Stories of healing for kids with severe eczema

Kids With Severe Eczema: Stories of Hope And Healing

Eczema, at its core, is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. It can take various forms in each child and can even be caused by a variety of things–allergies, yeast overgrowth issues, etc. Kids with severe eczema often struggle with excessive itching, even to the point of bleeding.

In the medical industry, many doctors will tell you that there’s no known cure and prescribe all manor of creams and steroids to control the itching and the inflammation. They try to help you manage the symptoms and reduce the severity of those symptoms. Unfortunately, these methods often lead only to temporary relieve.

Diagnosing the root cause of eczema is difficult. Dr. Andrea Cambio of Cambio Dermatology in southwest Florida says,”Because we are exposed to many potential triggers in a given day, it is often hard to tell. Sometimes, it may seem to the patient that certain foods are making eczema symptoms worse. But then we find that something else, like stress, is actually the culprit.” 1

Because there can be various potential triggers, I believe a holistic approach makes the most sense and is in line with where many families are seeing noticeable, long-lasting changes. A holistic approach includes external changes (ie. laundry powders, creams, soaps, etc) and internal ones (ie. mild detox, natural steroids, natural anti-inflammatories, and mineral/vitamin fortification).

Here are some stories from families who have turned to this holistic approach to help heal their child’s eczema from the inside out.

Parents Share Turnaround Stories For Kids With Severe Eczema

Special Note: All of these stories come from parents who utilize the same nutritional approach and products we use with our clients. If you are looking for a holistic and nutrition-based solution for your child, then you need to read these inspiring stories and contact me right away.

This first story comes from Ellen Ravis concerning her infant grandson.

Last summer my daughter visited us with her 9-month old twins. She stopped nursing when they were 3 months because they each had thrush. Her son had extreme eczema on his face and inside his elbows and knees. His ear was so bad it would bleed when he touched it.

Many trips to the doctor and many different creams had not helped. She was confused and embarrassed, especially when people would stop and ask, “What’s wrong with your baby?”

We started him on Shaklee’s Optiflora System (probiotics and prebiotics). We mixed the powder and pearl into his cereal or applesauce. After 5 days his skin was clear. She continues to give him Optiflora several times a week and more often when she sees any sign of a problem. 2

cortisone creams and steroidsCases of eczema can stem from yeast overgrowth issues, and that seemed to be the case in Ellen’s grandson. The thrush was evidence of a bacteria imbalance, and unfortunately, the discontinued breastfeeding and steroid creams could have easily exasperated the issue.

In this next story, the eczema turns out to be connected to the larger issue of psoriasis. Nevertheless, the mom still finds a successful natural program in order to avoid the medications.

At age 5, Michael had patches of dry, red skin with itching on his legs and arms. At 6, it was progressing and his doctor referred him to a dermatologist who said it looked like eczema and gave us some hydrocortisone creme, a costly but temporary relief that often stung when applied. By 7, the patches were bright red and inflamed. A new dermatologist thought it was eczema.

Several visits later, Michael was diagnosed with psoriasis and given information on different medications but no cure was known.

Understanding that illness starts from the inside, I decided to treat his psoriasis with nutrition. Instead of drugs, which wouldn’t be good for his little liver, we decided to go the natural way.

I limited his consumption of hydrogenated oils and began to give him Shaklee’s VitaLea multivitamin, OmegaGuard, GLA, Lecithin, E, B Complex, OsteoMatrix, and Soy Protein. We also changed our laundry detergents, removed ALL chemicals from our home and switched to Shaklee’s Get Clean non-toxic home care products.

Within a week, the inflamed red patches turned light pink. The itching went away. He looked and felt much better.We know that Shaklee is making the difference. Once, when I went out of town, Michael was temporarily off his supplements. When I returned, his skin was red, inflamed, and itchy. Needless to say, I gave him his supplements that night. Within a few days, the symptoms were back under control.

~Michele Pickens 3

Another mom, Stephanie of GatheredInTheKitchen.com, shares how her son found relief in just 4 days using an internal/external approach with Shaklee.

Ever since he was one he has had dry skin. He’s seen three different doctors in different states (because we’ve moved so much) and each time the doctor says he has mild Eczema/very dry skin (he never had the “typical eczema patches”). So, they prescribe hydrocortisone creams and recommend different types of store brand lotions each time. Each time we’d find no relief.

My little guy would end up super itchy and scratches his skin so bad on his forearms, legs and back that he would actually break the skin and it would bleed. So the cycle would begin all over: go back to the doctor, get a new prescription and a new lotion. Apply for a few days/weeks with him screaming and crying because everything burned his skin. It was seriously so miserable.

I always dreaded putting him in shorts and short sleeved shirts because I never wanted someone to question “what happened?” – and unfortunately a few times people did.

{After several weeks and hours of research and even allergy testing that came back negative, Stephanie turned to nutrition to help address any deficiencies that might be causing it. You can read her full story here.}

I knew of the company Shaklee but hadn’t used any of their products…. I decided to research them and after many long hours of comparing, looking up terms I wasn’t familiar with, calculating the price, etc. I decided I was going to give them a chance.

I decided to order Shaklee’s Children’s Vitamins, Optiflora (probiotic), the ShakleeBaby Massage Oil, and ShakleeBaby Lotion. The day my order came in I took pictures of my son’s chest. It was all red and patchy and he was super itchy! 4 days later I took the same picture. I was beyond amazed and overjoyed with how his skin looked! 4

If you have a child struggling with severe eczema, my heart goes out to you. It’s difficult to see your child in such pain and even more exasperating when effective solutions seem elusive.  If that’s you, check out my free ebook, “A Mom’s Guide To Nutritional Healing,” to help you see what we do and how we can help you set up an effective program.

If you have a great testimony to share or even follow-up questions, you can post them in our comments below!

Feature Image Photo Credit for original photo: Sharizah via Compfight cc

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  • Emily Chadwick September 17, 2016, 5:10 am

    Ive been a shaklee distributor for almost 10 yrs. I use and love the products. I now have twin 2 yr old daughters and one of them has close to severe eczema. I’ve been reading the testimonials and the one on psoriasis sounds like what she has also. How do you give a 2 yr old all of those vitamins? She obviously can’t swallow them yet and some are hard to put into a liquid or in food. She is taking 1 mighty smart and 1 incredivite + the pearl everyday. Sometimes I give her 1 or 2 vitamin C as well. I think I need to get the prebiotic powder and I read alfalfa is good for the skin (among all other things). Please help! I’m so sad to see her go through this 🙁

    • Bonnie | ProvenNutritionForKids September 19, 2016, 7:19 pm

      Hey Emily! Thanks for your comment and questions. When our kids were that little, we crushed a lot of the vitamins (esp the alfalfa) and would add them to yogurt or to applesauce with a little honey. Most of the vitamins can be crushed (or squeezed out, for the gel capsules) and still retain their effectiveness. The tricky part is just finding the right type of food to blend them with so your little ones will take them. I did sometimes have to use a reward to get them to take down the few spoon fulls of stuff. “If you take these two bites, then you can finish your cookie.” Something like that. Best of luck to you! I also do offer a discounted health coaching call for existing Shaklee users, if you’d like to talk further and get more guidance on where to start. Let me know if you are interested in that.

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