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Natural Vitamins, Synthetic, and Those In-Between

The best health benefits occur when our bodies get the most natural vitamins possible. The best quality natural vitamins preserve high levels of live enzyme activity.  Our bodies can only use the live enzymes.  These are found naturally in our food sources.

Any vitamin on the market today will fit into one of three basic categories. And usually, a vitamin company will adopt this same standard of manufacturing to all of their products.

The differences in manufacturing are important. The manufacturing method determines a vitamin’s effectiveness in the body. No one really spends money on vitamins that they don’t think will help them, but the unfortunate truth is that people do it unknowingly all the time.

We want you to be “in the know” and not use something blindly. Too many nutritional supplements out there are not only ineffective but also unsafe. Here is a good rubric to use so that you can avoid them.

Natural vitamins vs. syntheticTest Tube/Synthetic Vitamins

These are the usual drugstore variety. They contain no natural ingredients.

  • No Enzymes
  • Man-Made in a laboratory
  • Contains inorganic substances (tar, plastics, coal, etc)
  • Acts as a stimulant to the body
  • Side effects

Natural Vitamins: Isolate/Organic Extract

These vitamins would typically be found in a health food store. They claim to be “all natural.”  (The FDA says they can claim this if at least 10% of the ingredients are natural).

  • Uses chemical and heat extraction methods which leads to…
  • Weak Enzyme activity.
  • Organic Substances (low quality raw materials)
  • A stimulant effect on the body
  • Imbalanced
  • Harsh Binders and fillers

Natural Vitamins: Unaltered

Natural vitamins vs. syntheticThis is the type of natural vitamin you want to find for your family. Sad to say, not many companies are adopting this standard.  Our own research has found a company that does carry this standard and that we use regularly with our own family.

  • Strong Enzymatic action is preserved through…
  • Low heat, low pressure process.
  • Organic Substances (highest quality raw materials)
  • Feeds and Improves the health of the cells
  • Balanced
  • No fillers
  • Completely bioavailable (body can really use it)
  • Side Benefits

Independent Vitamin Testing Reports
The link above offers access to testing reports done on hundreds of vitamin companies and nutritional products. It does cost a small monthly fee to view the reports but could be worth it if you have the time to do your own comparisons.

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