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Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets

Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets | November 5, 2013

In The Kids Nutrition Spotlight This Week:

  • Article Boasts: “Flu Can Be Fatal, Even For Healthy Kids”
  • New Way To Quickly Detect Large-Scale Nutrient Deficiencies?
  • How To Inspire & Encourage Your Kids To Cook
  • Recipe: A Tasty Fall Detox Soup For The Whole Family
  • Recipe: Homemade No-Bake Granola Bars

There is a slew of information out there on the web about kids nutrition and health…not to mention all the amazing recipes and cooking ideas!  It can be overwhelming to sift through all this and wonder what is REALLY most helpful for you to know.

So, here on my Weekly Kids Nutrition post, I sift through all the info for you and share the most important highlights.  Consider this your week-in-review when it comes to recent kids’ health and nutrition info!

Grab a coffee refreshing drink, kick your feet up, and enjoy these weekly nuggets!  Then, be sure to let me hear your feedback on this in the comments at the end.

In The News

Article Boasts: “Flu Can Be Fatal, Even For Healthy Kids”

A Missouri news site put out an article this past week with the eye-catching headline, “Study: Flu Can Be Fatal, Even For Healthy Kids.” It caught my attention (which a good headline is meant to do). Sadly, I realize that many parents will not dive any deeper than the headline to find out what the study really said.   I hate it when an over-hyped headline mischaracterizes the factual content of the article. This is one such article, and you need to know the real take on this.

The actual study that they refer to had the conclusion: “Influenza can be fatal in children with and without high-risk medical conditions.” Do you catch the slight difference in semantics? The Missouri article makes the jump to say that even healthy kids can die from the flu.  However the actual study defined these kids simply as “having no high-risk medical conditions.”  The word “healthy” in the Missouri article is used to define kids without asthma or heart disease. This is a purposeful misuse of that term in order to cause all parents to run out and get their kids vaccinated.

The more factual and accurate headline should have stated:  “Flu can be fatal for kids with or without asthma or heart disease.”  But of course, that’s not as exciting to read is it?

The truth of the matter is if we as parents are empowering our child’s immune system to thrive by giving beneficial nutrients in the right amounts with a healthy diet, then we have no reason to need a flu shot nor be concerned that our child might perish without it.  Our family is one of thousands who can testify that  there is a far better defense against the flu than the flu shot.

New Way To Quickly Detect Large-Scale Nutrient Deficiencies?

Nepalese Child

Photo Credit: F RICHARD DAVIS via Compfight cc

A new testing strategy by Johns Hopkins researchers is showing some promise in regards to more quickly identifying nutritional deficiencies in large populations. I guess that this type of testing used to take years to complete, which was often too late for severely malnourished communities.  This new strategy using mass spectrometry was tested on children in Nepal–one of the poorest countries on earth–and showed a great deal of success.

Their goal is to create a simple, portable test kit that would measure many proxy proteins from a single sample in a single test for under $100 per sample. “That would allow us to determine the level of nutrient deficiencies in a whole population within a few months,” says Keith West. “Then we could implement a remedy, like fortifying foods with particular nutrients — something tailored to the needs and habits of the particular population — and then follow up with more tests later to make sure the remedy is working.”

It’s exciting when I see our improvements in science actually making way for better health and prevention.  Read the full article here.

Food Around The Web

How To Inspire & Encourage Your Kids To Cook

cooking with kidsA really helpful and encouraging article from Image Magazine shares some tips about how to inspire your kids to be more involved in the kitchen, and as a result, learn some healthy eating habits. Chef Peter Thornhill shares some simple things you can do:

  • Involve your kids in the grocery shopping process of choosing some new foods.
  • Keep healthy foods visible and within easy reach for little fingers at home.
  • Make cooking fun by adding a little music while you work.
  • Allow your kids to taste during the cooking process and add different spices.

Check out more tips, ideas, and even a recipe for Mixed Fruit Flatbread at the original article, “Inspiring Kids To Cook.”

A Tasty Fall Detox Soup For The Whole Family

This Fall Detox Soup recipe comes from Tasty-Yummies.com, and it looks absolutely beautiful. My experience has been that if it looks this colorful, it probably tastes wonderful too. I have not tried it yet, but it will certainly go on our own family’s post-holiday detox menu. It is packed with vegetables and spiced up with some garlic and fresh herbs.

Fall Detox Soup

Our Own Homemade No-Bake Granola Bars

Can you believe in over ten years of cooking for my family, I’ve never made my own granola bars until this past week? ‘Tis true. I am pleased to share though that this is one of the easiest and fastest things to make for an after-school snack. And our kids (and their friends) gobbled these up in just one day.

No bake granola bars

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