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Weekly Nutrition Nuggets Oct 7, 2013

Weekly Kids Nutrition Nuggets | October 7, 2013

In The Kids Nutrition Spotlight This Week:

  • Emotional Consequences of Dieting Too Young
  • Hand Sanitizer Fails To Prevent Parasite Infection
  • General Mills and Their Frightful Halloween Cereals
  • Healthy Halloween Treats
  • Who Says You Can’t Have Cookies For Breakfast?

There is a slew of information out there on the web about kids nutrition and health…not to mention all the amazing recipes and cooking ideas!  It can be overwhelming to sift through all this and wonder what is REALLY most helpful for you to know.

So, here on my Weekly Kids Nutrition post, I sift through all the info for you and share the most important highlights.  Consider this your week-in-review when it comes to recent kids’ health and nutrition info!

Grab a coffee refreshing drink, kick your feet up, and enjoy these weekly nuggets!  Then, be sure to let me hear your feedback on this in the comments at the end.

This Week From ProvenNutritionForKids

Junk Food FundraisingWith all the focus on school food from last week’s Nutrition Nuggets, I decided to do a quick post on what our own school has changed recently: “A Welcome Alternative to Junk Food Fundraising.” If your school is still peddling junk food to raise money this year, this post has some helpful tips about what you can do to be a voice of change.

In The News

Emotional Consequences of Dieting Too Young

FatLash: Food Police and the fear of thin

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This recent article highlights Karen Katalin’s book, “Fatlash: Food Police & the Fear of Thin.” Karen shares some tips about how to help kids lose weight and create a healthier relationship to food without all the emotional consequences that she herself grew up with.

It’s a good reminder that we need to stay balanced when we are helping our kids create healthier habits. Sounds as though Karen’s own mom had some huge food issues herself that got passed on to her child.  We need to learn from this and set some realistic boundaries and model healthy eating habits without obsessing over it.

I love this nutrition-tracking tool that we encourage parents to use with their kids–Fitbook Junior. It’s a great fun way to educate your kids with a healthy, balanced approach.

Hand Sanitizer Fails To Prevent Parasite Infection

In Iowa news, a recent preschool outing to a farm resulted in a crypto parasite infection from petting cows.

“The children did use hand sanitizer before eating; however, hand sanitizers are not particularly effective against crypto. Please continue to encourage handwashing with soap and water whenever possible.”

Hand sanitizer is not a good substitute for basic handwashing, especially after being around farm animals.

  • If you have access to soap and water, always use this as a first response to dirty hands.
  • If you only have access to water, try to plan ahead and carry a small amount of soap in your backpack or cooler, and leave the hand sanitizer at home the store.

General Mills and Their Frightful Halloween Cereals

count chocula and scary halloween cereals

Count Chocula cereal (Photo by Joe Mud via Flickr Commons)

Health tip from a nutrition professor: “Never buy a food product with a cartoon on the front.”
Here’s one of the reasons why:  General Mills is busting out their Halloween-themed cereals, but their nutrition value is frightful.  High in calories and sugar and low in nutrition content.  Steer clear of these scary foods! View full article, “Surge in Halloween Cereals Frightens Nutritionists.”

Food Around The Web

Healthy Halloween Treats

Got a class party coming up? Or need a fun after-school snack this month?

Who Says You Can’t Have Cookies For Breakfast?

A recent Pinterest find of mine: Banana Breakfast Cookies from CrazyForCrust.com. Though not all the recipes on their site would pass my test for “healthful and nutritious”, these cookies would seem to make the cut.  With a little forward planning and some low-fat milk for dipping, you can create a fun breakfast for your kids this week!

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